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Sometimes I do some stuff…like laying on the beach, jumping on the streets, sitting on a plane, eating a croissant, being on the phone, riding a bike, or staring at the sky

It’s hard to be me….Red Hallway

It happens that sometimes you run into the hallway of your emotions. The color of your emotions and you feel like you belong, at least for a moment, or two. Red…the passion, love, the art of relationships, with yourself, with … Continue reading

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Flight to Paris, France

I’m about to fly out of Miami. Heading out to Europe for a few more weeks, coming to Paris, then Istanbul, and Madrid. Both my camera and myself are happy to be on this plane. Will be sharing a lot … Continue reading

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Quality time with Salame Kunkar in Rome, Italy

Good friends stay in my life. Spending time with friends like Salame and Giovanni in Rome is one of my favorite moments in life. Cin cin with prosecco, homemade neapolitan recipe lunch, and good italian wine among friends from Greece, … Continue reading

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Photoshoot around Rome

What an amazing day to photoshoot a loving couple around the streets of Rome. We met for breakfast in Piazza della Madonna di Monti and walked from there until Villa Celimontana, and then back to the Colosseo. Perfect sunny weather, … Continue reading

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Getting to Rome, Italy

It is always good to break the routine, to travel away, to breathe some fresh air of some other place. In this case it will be Italy for me. I just got to Rome. A city that has never stopped … Continue reading

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Ready to fly tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be leaving to Rome to photoshoot a life changing trip of a beautiful Mexican girl. And then off to south of Italy to keep my camera busy. A few weeks ago when traveling to Lima, Peru I … Continue reading

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Phone Call

Getting a phone call from a friend who lives far away is always a good happy surprise in my day and I’m thankful for it! Thank you Pilady for brightening my life more and more :)))

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