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It’s hard to be me….Red Hallway

It happens that sometimes you run into the hallway of your emotions. The color of your emotions and you feel like you belong, at least for a moment, or two. Red…the passion, love, the art of relationships, with yourself, with … Continue reading

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Candy is Life

Candy is good to us, to sweeten up our lives, we may need a little of it or a lot of it. Sometimes it is never enough, it tempts us, and we give in. Candy is part of our lives, … Continue reading

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Marta Elena Gutierrez at the Ferrari Pit Stop

Some people go in tune with the Ferrari Red, like the case of Bolivian beauty Marta Elena Gutierrez. In this occasion we flew to Atlanta for American Petit Le Mans and managed for a photoshoot right in the middle of … Continue reading

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